Pure Plant Alchemy Imagination + Intuition crystal aromatherapy


Pure Plant Alchemy Imagination + Intuition crystal aromatherapy


Neroli and Jasmine real essential oils with Labradorite crystals.

Otherworldly and ethereal, imagine infinite potential. Connect deeply, expand your mind and creativity.

Delve into the expanse of your mind with the Imagination and Intuition candle. Neroli and Jasmine encourage a deepened connection to yourself- sensually, spiritually, and psychically. They work to free your mind to endless possibility. In synergy with Labradorite crystals, the Imagination and Intuition candle creates a potent medium to the spirit realm. Allow your mind to open to the divinity within and around you.

Handcrafted with love in small batches in Southern California.
All natural, sustainably sourced coconut wax candles.
High-quality, synergistic, real Neroli Jasmine essential oil blend.
Clean-burning, nontoxic, environmentally safe formula.
Vegan & cruelty-free.
Free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals.
Slow burning cotton ribbon wick that does not require trimming.
7oz candle fill in an 8oz glass jar.

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